Stand 47 2014:

Stand 47 2014

Stand 47 is a concept house build at Monaghan farm that showcased a new and innovative way of house construction. Can one use hi-tech light steel and drywall technology almost exclusively to build a luxury South African home that not only embodies the best qualities of design, but also remains adaptable over time (to be relevant to changing needs), resource efficient (to build and to run) and comparable to if not better than traditional building materials? This is the question that The Stand 47 Case Study aims to answer. The idea behind Stand 47 is to explore the process of building an upmarket house in South Africa using high quality contemporary materials and construction techniques featuring Saint-Gobain residential drywall systems. While many examples of this type of construction exist internationally, there are few examples locally that demonstrate their effectiveness within the high-end residential market. In conducting this exploration, the drive behind Stand 47 has evolved and not only includes building better, but also building smarter, so that the house becomes a home that moulds around the long-term needs of a ‘question mark’ family and promotes feelings of calm, comfort, flexibility, health and safety.


We produced a 10 minute video that showcased the features of Stand 47 for consumers. In addition we also produced a 5’ video aimed at the professionals in the construction industry


Client: Saint Gobain

Creative Director: Jonathan Done

Director: Julian Sun

Producer: Julian Sun

DOP: Adam Vinokur

Editor: Murray Monson

Design & Animation: Rodney Fraser & Samuel Mendes