Samsung #This is Me 2016:

Samsung #This is Me 2016

To promote the launch of the Samsung A5 smartphone, Samsung implemented a range of branded content on MTV Base. The aim of the campaign titled “#THISISME” was to create content that showcased the A-series, placing SAMSUNG at the center of the content, and entrenching SAMSUNG as a brand which, “Inspires the World, Creating the Future’.The Samsung A Series Campaign invited viewers to create a ‘bucket list’ of experiences, for themselves and 3 friends, that you know would equate to the greatest day ever – that’s 1 experience for you and 1 for each friend. Each day long experience produced a 3’ content pill, which will told the story of the day’s adventure. The campaign was launched with a promo featuring Minnie Dlamini. It resulted in 5×3’ event pills that documented the experiences of the 5 lucky winners

Client: MTV Base
Creative Director: Jonathan Done
Director: Julian Sun
Producer: Julian Sun
DOP: Adam Vinokur
Editor: Murray Monson
Design & Animation: Rodney Fraser & Samuel Mendes